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Right Customer Engagement is the key to success for any business.  The engagement will only be successful if it is personalized and relevant (eg: see some of the following news-bytes Wal-Mart's website to personalize shopping )

In order to provide such content for the engagement, the marketer needs to know at least following things.

  1. Customer Interest
  2. Customer Sentiment
  3. Customer Value (can be derived from buying history..etc)

The above three represent the crux of the big data problem.  Even if the data about your customers is all available, you need a platform that can digest this “big” customer data and tools to slice/dice or segment in order to allow micro-targeting aka personalized marketing. Is there a Solution…?

Yes, Customer Engagement Intelligence (CEI) application powered by SAP HANA is truly a unique application that provides comprehensive understanding of true customer value, interest and sentiment with every customer interaction you have.

Following are some of the business benefits that can be realized using this high powered analytical application…of course possibilities are limitless

For more information, please visit:

This cool application requires “good” data to provide powerful insights so it is important to understand what data sources you can load. If you have SAP ERP or CRM running, simple replication via SAP LT replicator will allow you to get & up running quickly.  With this, you can score your customers based on buying history, perform white-space analysis (for product recommendations), predict their buying propensity, and finally segment for personalized marketing. 

However, if you have neither SAP ERP nor CRM, and want to bring in third party data such as clickstream from your websites, social media (Eg: twitter,facebook, and google+) data, customer satisfaction surveys, email and other interactions…I highly recommend to use rapid data load package.

Business benefits are huge…to name few:

See a demo for loading social media data into Social Contact Intelligence Application

A free 3-day trial of the Customer Engagement Intelligence Application is available

Wanna hands-on, you can create own instance of the application@SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud / Cloud Appliance Library

Wanna bring "good" data to this cool application...

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