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For any industry, specific knowledge is key in order to beat the competition. You require a service or a solution that has in-depth understanding of what you really need, for example real-time analysis and quick point-of-sale access in Retail, promotional knowledge in Consumer Products, or transparency on every level in the Professional Services industry. Sometimes, you have such unique requirements that a standard solution just can’t cover it all. Good news: You can extend your existing SAP industry portfolio with niche solutions built for your needs and specialties.


Here are a few suggested sessions at SAPPHIRE NOW to learn more about industry-proven, pre-built applications and services:

Retail: IN14166:Improve Retail Operations with Real-Time Intelligence

This discussion showcases how retailers can process their stock, sales orders, receipts, and inventory faster than ever. Reduce inventory cost and make the most of every sales opportunity. Find out how Under Armour Inc. used the SAP HANA platform to improve sales-order allocation and rescheduling and run more efficiently.

Retail: IN13995: Convert Your Consumer Products Sales Team Members into Selling Machines

Help ensure that sales teams have what they need to succeed. Dramatically increase the effectiveness of teams’ in-store visits and activities with mobile solutions from SAP such as the SAP Retail Execution mobile app.

Consumer Products: IN14168: Evolution from Management to optimization of your Trade Promotion

On average, Consumer Products companies spend 17% of their revenue on promotions. Of that, few promotions hit their target. Discuss how you can better create and manage your promotions, validate the effectiveness of every dollar of your spend, and use predictive analytics to accelerate and optimize your promotions to meet your marketing objectives.

Professional Services: IN14022: Deliver Service Excellence

Support service delivery excellence, visibility, and transparency down to the project level while managing projects as a whole within the global enterprise. Find out how EMC Corporation manages the lead-to-cash scenario for its entire business with the SAP Commercial Project Management application.

Professional Services: IN14123: Streamline and Simplify Invoicing Processes

Increase customer satisfaction and retention by meeting clients’ expectations for simple and intuitive invoices and billing. Find out how professional services providers use the SAP Solution Sales and Billing application to provide accurate and timely bills that consolidate all parts and services in a project.

To learn more, visit our focused business solutions page, and get in touch with our experts at the Launch Pad at SAPPHIRE NOW.

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