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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Glimpse to INDUS Conclave | 14th and 15th April 2015 | The National Sports Club of India, Mumbai
INDUS Conclave 2015 was held at National Sports Club of India at Mumbai. The event was filled with 450+ customers jamming up to the location and the crowd was electrifying and full of energy. The event started with the Welcome Note from Mr. Manish Choksi, Chairman, INDUS. The welcome touched a very important point on how it is essential for customers and partners to come together and contribute in Influencing SAP Products via forums, services offered from SAP to shape a robust product. Manish continued to thank the other partner companies for their active participation and for coming in huge numbers to support the event. The talk also highlighted, how easy it has become to collaborate and contribute via social medias like LinkedIn, Twitter, et al.
            Picture 1: National Sports Club of India               Picture 2: Mr. Anil Sardanha

The Key Note was addressed by Mr. Anil Sardanha, Managing Director & CEO, Tata Power. Mr. Anil mesmerized the crowd with his talks by quoting experiences and instances from the implementations and in general on the SAP software usage. The inputs were quite valuable and were noted.
The event flowed with the below agenda,
                                                Picture 3: INDUS Conclave 2015 Agenda
INDUS Conclave 2015 followed a Theme "Run Simpler" and the theme message was showcased in a big way during the event. INDUS Board members mentioned on the need for collaboration and for the constant feedbacks that could be enable shaping of software as per the business need.
    Picture 4: Theme to "Discover Simple"               Picture 5: Demo Pods at SAP Arena

In parallel to the lecture session, there were demo pods. The topics listed were carefully selected as per the market's pulse check on topics of interest. There were innovation section, which hosted innovation topics like Google glass, Sports analytics, et al. There were generic demo pods educating customers on the following areas like;
a) One Service - Showcasing and addressing the pain point of customer's interaction with multiple colleagues to just one point of contact and by creating a     single service portfolio. All the services from consulting, IMS, CD, et al coming under one contractual paper. Directing towards "Simplification" as per the theme of Conclave.
b) SAP Business One: The pod showcased on how Business One could help large business enterprises to connect with their vehicle system and work with their subsidiary, suppliers and distributors  smoothly by connecting to the parent company's ERP,CRM, BW through the automated integrations.
                     Picture 6: One Services Pod                      Picture 7: SAP Business One Pod

c) SAP Product Influence - As mentioned during the Welcome and Key Notes, Influencing SAP products with constant feedbacks during each phases of development would shape the products to be customer centric and would be as per the requirements and needs of business. To enable these initiatives, SAP has service offerings as per the  Picture 8.
     Picture 8 : Services mapped to different stages of customer engagements to Influence SAP products.
                 Picture 9: SAP Product Influence Pod           Picture 10 : SAP Training and Education Pod

d) SAP Training and Certification - This pod showcased how SAP trainings and certifications, could enable the career boost and enhance the changes of better product knowledge and better profiling.

The event day moved to the section of Leadership talk and discussions with cricket legends Mr.Anil Kumble and Mr. Ricky Ponting
Picture 11 & 12 : Legends of Cricket

The event was a mix bag of activities to take away like knowledge sharing, customer talks, innovations, general information and discussion with legends of cricket. The event showed a very positive response from customers, partners and there were leads generated during the event. Network, Learn and Share was the mantra that could be derived out of such successful big events.