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Community Administrator
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We are constantly striving to provide you with the best possible means of getting the information you want here on SDN/BPX and with that we have made some modifications to our blog and podcast RSS feeds. Please take a minute to subscribe to the new RSS feeds available. So what is an RSS feed? Defined by Wikipedia:
RSS is a simple XML-based system that allows users to subscribe to their favorite websites. Using RSS, a webmaster can put their content into a standardised format, which can be viewed and organised through a RSS-aware software.  A program known as a feed reader or aggregator can check a list of feeds on behalf of a user and display any updated articles that it finds. It is common to find web feeds on major websites and many smaller ones. Some websites let people choose between RSS or Atom formatted web feeds; others offer only RSS or only Atom.
What can you do with the RSS feeds? Well for one you can feed them into your favorite RSS reader, I happen to use the Google Reader and there are of course many available both online and offline. Once the feed is in your reader you simply need to sit back and wait for your reader to let you know there is a new entry.  We've also gone one step further and added the ability to subscribe to the feed via email. Please note, we are still adding things in so if you notice one area where the feed is not updated or the email form is not available please let us know.
For all of these links and forms you simply need to go to the Blog topic page, then just select the "See more Weblogs on".