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As nearly every aspect of our world becomes increasingly digital, the opportunities for businesses of all sizes, industries, and regions seem boundless. But with opportunity comes disruption – positive and negative. It’s no surprise that most business leaders are feeling the pressure of this wave of digital innovation fueled by technology!

Over the course of my career, I have met and collaborated with businesses to help them create a foundation for their vision of future success. And I can safely say that none of these engagements were exactly the same – all of them had their own unique challenges, goals, and mindsets. However, all too often, I do find one similarity that can be quite concerning: they do not have a digital plan in place.

When you consider that many studies have shown that approximately three out of four digital transformation efforts fail, the ability to plan – and even test – a digital investment is incredibly important. This one step can help organizations avoid common pitfalls such as loss of employee engagement, inadequate management support, nonexistent cross-functional collaboration, and lack of accountability. More important, they can establish the mindset and behaviors that are needed to get the most out of every digital investment.

SAPPHIRE NOW: An opportunity to take your digital strategy seriously

While many business leaders are aware of its importance of a digital strategy, very few know how to get there. This is why I am so proud that the SAP Digital Business Services organization is hosting a series of four hands-on demo experiences that all people from all over the world to take a second look at their digital path and map out a course that can elevate their competitive and create new opportunities never before realized.

Join us are SAPPHIRE NOW and visit these demo stations to explore your optimal path to a digital enterprise I hope to see you there!

Digital Design Zone
Frame and solve business and IT challenges by using design thinking principles as an approach for generating digital use cases. Join an unconventional and creative atmosphere to start your journey towards digital transformation.

Digital Road Map Planning
Define your road map to the digital enterprise. Set priorities and take steps that meet your business and IT requirements. Identify the value of transformation and proof it in a prototype. Design the ideal technical architecture and create an efficient transition plan with steps for preparation, functional design, and efficient implementation.

Digital Strategy Advisory
Achieve your vision with clear digital strategies and business models for Live Business. Obtain insights on the current state and future ambition in all dimensions of digital innovation and transformation. Discover the next steps to help close identified gaps and enable your digital transformation journey, from strategy to execution.

SAP Digital Innovation Lab
Develop solutions rapidly to drive digital innovation. Take the first steps into innovation and discover its potential through a virtual lab environment with the SAP Digital Innovation Lab.