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Partner Solution Progression framework  launched as a  part of  next-generation partnering movement at SAP Partner Summit on June 3.

As software providers how do you keep pace with technology trends and expectations?


As partners you can turn these challenges into strengths with SAP at your side. You have innovative applications that solve critical customer requirements that we can’t tackle on our own. We can open doors to a worldwide customer base of over 440,000 customers across 180 countries, intelligent set of solutions across LoB and Industries  and enterprise technology platforms that can accelerate transformation of data into business value. As SAP partners there are tremendous opportunities to stay profitable and also increase revenue and SAP is helping partners maintain business continuity by turbocharging its next-generation partnering movement and identifying powerful ways to help partners accelerate their customers’ journey to recovery.


SAP has unveiled the Partner Solution Progression framework as part of its next-generation partnering movement  at the SAP Partner Summit providing a flexible, easy-to-navigate path to help partners more quickly bring their innovations to market.

Partner Solution Progression helps innovators quickly scale by collaborating with SAP – from developing applications to identifying opportunities and showcasing these applications on SAP App Center, the company’s global marketplace. We collaborate with partners through this journey, and if we both see the potential for growth, there is a path that brings additional opportunity, backed by marketing and sales support from SAP. Because this progression is flexible, partners can find the spot that best fits their application, plan, and priorities. Partners with validated apps begin their journey at SAP App Center. A growing partner can then earn its way into the Partner Spotlight program, which offers additional GTM support. From there, a partner’s strategy, execution and results may secure a nomination to the new, invitation-only SAP Endorsed Apps initiative. This designation provides SAP customers with confidence that these apps have demonstrated proven results, and have been properly evaluated and tested by SAP, earning SAP’s premium certification. SAP Endorsed Apps complement and extend SAP’s own solutions and can be found quickly on SAP App Center.

Join us online for our virtual #SAPPartnerSummit. Watch the Keynotes. Explore the Breakout Tracks and connect for discussions! Learn more about the Partner Solution Progression, SAP Endorsed Apps, and SAP partner opportunities by watching the videos in the Partner Innovation track =>  SAP Partner Solution Success here.