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SAP Innovation Day for SAP Partners is back on November 20, 2019.

This virtual event delivers insights from each line of business to all types of partners so that you can utilize SAP’s technology platform to help deliver effective and faster solutions to your customers. Partners can integrate their solutions or extend our comprehensive suite of enterprise applications to provide new solutions to customers.

For this event, we’re talking specifically about the partner journey and the art of the possible in SAP Next-Generation Partnering.

Register here: and access the 24-hour global platform at your convenience. The content is available throughout the day in all regions.

In particular join me where I shall be presenting a session about  How Partners are Integrating Their Solutions with SAP Solutions

Learn how to create more value for your customers and SAP’s customers. Your partner solutions can enhance the SAP portfolio by integrating and extending capabilities.

We’ll share integration scenarios to show what our partners are doing to integrate solutions with SAP data, whether they’re using our tech or using integrations thru the APIs. New routes to market, or extensions in markets you already have, extend the partner relationship.