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Product and Topic Expert
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SAP Rapid Deployments Solutions are the ‘NEW NORM’ at SAP – the way our customers are expecting us to deliver all of our software.

Watch Steve Birdsall from SAP discuss SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions with Bruce Strom from HP (SAP Partner):

Key questions in the video:

  • How does SAP work with Partners (like HP) to engage and develop rapid-deployment solutions?
  • What are the types of rapid-deployment solutions that HP has and where does HP intend to go from here?
  • What are the next steps in the world of HANA and SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions over the next year?
  • How will HP participate within the Cloud environment and taking HANA & SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions to the next step?

Quick Facts:

  • SAP has built over 150+ rapid-deployment solutions
  • Partners have built over 200 Partner rapid-deployment solutions
  • HP is in the qualification process for more than 20 rapid-deployment solutions, and expecting to do more… currently HP can deliver HANA CO-PA accelerator
  • What to expect in 2013: Cloud + HANA + SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions

Highlighted Quote: HP on SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions

  • "One of the things that we noticed through the years is that there is a demand for this fixed scope, fix price, fixed duration kind of service." - Bruce Strom, HP Enterprise Services HANA Program Manager

Make sure to attend the SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions sessions at SAPPHIRENOW Madrid (November 13 – 15)

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