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Recently Labs It has had the pleasure of presenting our services to some of our new colleagues coming onboard from M&A.    We have done a number of SAP Connect sessions where we have walked through our information , as well as presenting live to some of our new SAP Family members.   Overall the reception has been amazing, and the request for the document...or I should say the information in the document is spreading.  

We walk through a general introduction as to who and what Labs IT is and is about.   We follow this by a number of slides on our Development Workplace Services....everything from windows development images, Linux Terminal services, SW Packaging, and SSC (Self Service Cloud).   Finally for the Hard Core development needs, we give an overview, information and examples of our GLDS group - Global Labs Development Systems.....VM Calculator, SISM, C3, Monsoon....all within the doc plus links to access more information and the actul locations where users can request these services.   Some great information!

For those interested in what Labs IT has put together, I invite you to go through our ppt file and check out some of the content.

The file cand be located here:

Best Regards from all of us here in Labs IT...thanks for taking the time to check us out.