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Developer Advocate
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There have been many articles and thoughts on the mWallet, where the mobile device takes the place of a physical wallet containing cash and bank cards and this is evolving fast. I'm wondering now, with the fantastic growth in Mobile and the combination of the Tablet Device, that we are now in the era of the mBriefcase.

Look at the definition of a briefcase on Wikipedia .A box shaped bag or case containing documents, papers, diary and even a laptop computer... Really I think now that with the mainstream adoption in our life of the iPad for example, we can replace all of these with that device itself. The original briefcase has so many analogies with the iPad, but it is outstripped in many ways. The tablet is lighter, more secure and can contain your combined personal and business mobile lifestyle (mLifestyle) made up of music, videos, books, newspapers, Internet access and lets not forget Apps, both consumer and business.

The Information Worker in your Enterprise will not expect to carry around huge amounts of collateral, printed reports and notebooks. In fact most will not expect to carry around a physical briefcase. They will and are expecting a mBriefcase experience that Tablet Devices like the iPad can bring, where one easily held and used device can supply so many features and a wealth of information that can be instantly be made available via Enterprise Mobile Apps in a variety of new ways to consume.

Outside of the box of the physical briefcase, the mBriefcase experience that the Tablet Device can create, can be secured and if lost or stolen wiped clean remotely. Also any data entered in Apps can be securely synchronised back immediately... Now there's no analogy for that in the traditional world.

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