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Thousands of companies are using business networks to drive value for their business through greater procurement efficiency, shorter buying cycles, lower processing costs, higher supply savings, and more.

To achieve these results, a simple and quick onboarding process for suppliers is critical. This can open the door for you to reach critical supplier mass, increase electronic transaction volume, and optimize spend under management.

Through flexible enablement and integration options, organizations can work with virtually all suppliers, regardless of supplier size, transaction volume, or technical sophistication level.

What’s the best path for your company?

Join SAP Ariba on October 6th for the webinar “Optimizing Enablement and Integration with All of your Suppliers.” This informative webinar will present tips on how to optimize supplier onboarding through the latest innovations for supplier enablement.

You’ll gain insights into the multiple enablement and integration strategies you can choose to enable your entire supplier base. These strategies work for all suppliers, from low-volume, tail-spend companies to high-volume, strategic organizations.

Specifically, the webinar will provide highlights of a range of enablement and integration methods, from a simple, email-based process to full system-to-system integration. You will learn more about the following:

  • Supplier enablement dashboard, which provides automated supplier segmentation, and online supplier enablement monitoring and management.
  • Light enablement, which allows for easy, simple, and free transaction with tail-spend suppliers through interactive e-mail. This option can help eliminate the complexity of onboarding and connecting suppliers who transact on a limited basis, such as small long-tail suppliers with limited technology infrastructure. With a few clicks, suppliers can receive purchase orders, and send order confirmations and invoices to their buyers without any portals to manage or business process changes.
  • Ariba Cloud Integration Gateway, which provides full system-to-system integration of strategic suppliers. Built on SAP HANA Cloud Platform, this solution provides a simple and efficient way for suppliers to integrate with the Ariba Network. It reduces the deployment and integration time needed to connect with multiple buyers through a browser-based application that easily connects back-end software systems to the Ariba Network.

You will also hear strategies and tips for choosing the right enablement approach for your company, speeding up value realization, and integrating your suppliers quickly to the Ariba Network. In addition, you’ll learn how incorporating the appropriate options as part of an overall supplier enablement strategy can help you achieve the goal of transacting electronically with all of your suppliers.

Register now for the October 6th webinar. When you register, you will also receive a post-webinar recording link to share with others in your organization. Questions? E-mail us for more information.