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I have recently worked on a small development project which facilitates offline analysis of XML trace files that were created from Wily Introscope Workstation or Webview. It has no official relation with Wily Introscope. This standalone Java application can be downloaded from the following link:

Note: you can also subscribe for email updates about the software on the same webgage.

Follow the link then click on "Download". The zip file also contains a RELEASE_NOTES.txt file which tells you the version number and gives some information about the latest features and bug fixes.

The project is still under development, the features currently include:

  • Parsing Wily Introscope XML files.
  • Tree View with markup for costly elements.
  • Details View.
  • Table View.
  • Trace View.
  • Trace Filtering on various attributes.

The software is intended to be freely used both for personal and commercial purposes. I take no responsibility of the possible damages caused by the software... 🙂

I will keep the file updated on the far side of the download link whenever I release a new build. Comments, feedback and bug reports are welcome.

*** UPDATE on 16th July 2016 ******************************************

New release: Offline Wily Transaction Inspector - BETA

What's new in this release:


-Silent background update check added: after 10 seconds of application startup the program will check for updates over HTTP in the background automatically.

-Details table view enhancement #1: Added separate "Gross (ms)" and "Net (ms)" columns. They show the cumulative gross and net duration of the metric path in the corresponding row.

-Details table view enhancement #2: Details table is now sortable by any of its columns.

-Details table view enhancement #3: Details table now shows all the metric paths in the selected requests, not only the bottom-level ones.


Refer to the release notes for historical updates.

Best regards,