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Random notes from the Technorati Developer Saloon.

Lot's of interesting people showed up: Marc, Doc, Don, Kevin, Steve, ...

I forgot my camera, so I copied some from Marc Canter, hope he doesn't mind. (I copied the pictures, at least I am not using his bandwidth).

I came a little late and got a seat totally in the back. It felt a bit like school 🙂

Last time I checked, Technoarti had just passed the 2 million Blogs mark, today they are very close to 2.5 million Blogs tracked. Wow.

Every 7 seconds a new Weblog is born somewhere on the planet. About 45% of these blogs are orphaned within 3 months, meaning not updated anymore. The reasoning is, that people are trying out different services and settle then for the one that best fits their needs. Three month no change also includes my Adventblog, although I am planning to revive it at the end of this year. (As if I will find the time.)

Technorati redid their API. They have the goal to use it internally to create the Technorati home page. They are not there yet, but I hope they can pull it off.

Internationalization (all character sets of the different languages work) has been redone too. There is no localization yet. Made me smile, localization is not an easy task. Rumor has it, that we spend lots more money to localize SAP software into all these different languages and country specifics, than on the original development.

David Sifry showed link cosmos comparing traditional news sources and Webloggers. Top dog is the New York Times with 19.000 different sources, as in different blogs, not blog posts linking to them. Followed by CNN and BBC, after that it is already Slashdot, BoingBoing and a couple of others in the top 10.

Drudge Report for example is above MSDN. Which lets me use the vote tag for the first time: rel="vote-against" used in the link to the Drudge Report makes my link a thumps down pointer, although at the moment that is not tracked. It is a chicken and egg thing, but it will come soon.

Here are all the suggestions from the evening kept on the Technorati Developer Wiki. My suggestion for Top Technorati for intranets of large corporations did not make the list. The reasoning was, that it took Google a couple of years before they came out with their Google appliance and you really need a big corporate intranet with lots of bloggers for a service like Technorati to make sense.

Soon all kinds of events for example workflow within a corporation will have an RSS feed attached to them. To analyze that link cosmos may make sense sooner then one thinks.

Bonus Link: Just in case you have not heard: Bill Gates majorly endorsed Weblogs at a CEO summit [transcript].