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Do you know an eloquent SAP expert that is helpful and consistently contributes to the larger SAP world? Let us know by nominating that person to become an SAP Mentor.

As a reference, these are the Welcome New SAP Mentors that have been nominated by you and selected during the last round:

New SAP Mentors June 2009

nathan.genez/blog, Tony de Thomasis, stephen.johannes2/blog and mrinal.wadhwa/blogvijay.vijayasankar/blog

If you are not familiar with the SAP Mentor Initiative, then check out our brand new SAP Mentor Initiative introduction slides, or the SAP Mentor Initiative area on SCN.




Cliff Notes / highlights:

Qualities of an SAP Mentor:

  • Hands-On expert in an SAP product or service
  • Collaborative attitude
  • Active in SAP's communities or in related areas
  • Good communicator
  • Preferably working at a partner or customer of SAP
  • Interested in improving the relationship of SAP with its customers, partners, and prospects

Benefits of being an SAP Mentor: 

  • Recognition as an SAP accredited expert
  • SAP Mentor Icon next to their name in the SDN, BPX, and Business Objects forums as well as the Business Card
  • Invitation to SAP events: Sapphire, ASUG Conferences,  SAP Tech Tour, SAP World Tour
  • Reserved VIP seating, VIP perks at these events.
  • VIP Access to SAP Information and Executives
  • Part of press and analyst briefings during Sapphire and SAP TechEd
  • Exclusive meetings with SAP executives including Zia Yusuf, Herve Couturier, Vishal Sikka... 
  • Private Private SAP Mentor Space accessible only to SAP Mentor and SAP employees:  Enables a frank and open discussion 
  • Private SAP Mentor Wiki Space again access for SAP Mentors and SAP employees only.
  • Direct Access to SAP Product Management and SAP Development in their area of Expertise (developing)
  • Free entry to any SAP TechEd of your choice

If you know a candidate please fill out this nomination form. Your chances of getting selected are bigger if others community members are nominating you, especially if that other community member is an SAP Mentor already.

We will close the nomination on Friday the 24th of July. Results are targeted to be released end of August.

P.S. Tip for really improving your chances to become an SAP Mentor: Organize a successful Inside Track in your local community. (If you have to ask what that is, you are not there yet 😉 You need all the qualities of an SAP Mentor to be able to pull one off successfully. 

P.P. S. You may have nominated someone before without success. Please do it again. Give that member another chance. We are starting with a clean worksheet. You may make a huge difference for the person you nominate. 

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