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1. September 2016 -Alternative Resource Control for non productive SAP HANA

Beside using SAPDatabase to control the (unreplicated and non-productive) SAP HANA scale-up database in the cost-optimized scenario, you could also use SAPInstance. How to do that? Read my blog post at Using SAPInstance to control non-productive SAP HANA database in the cost-optimized scenario

19. August 2016 - New Landing Page - Enjoy reading our Best Practices

We have a new landing page for our best practices online: Best Practices - Resource Library | SAP Applications | SUSE

19. July 2016 - Version 0.152.17 available

The SAPHanaSR package is now available in version 0.157.17. This new version also includes a bugfix needed for SAP HANA SPS12 (see "1. June 2016 - New fields" in this blog). All major changes are documented in the change-log of the shipped package. After installation you could review the change-log using rpm command: rpm -q --changelog SAPHanaSR

15. July 2016 - Never call me as root

SAP Note 2340501 states, that for some tools like hdbnsutil,, calls as user root will be prohibited beginning with SAP HANA revision 122.

The current versions (like 0.151 and 0.152.x) of the resource agents SAPHana and SAPHanaTopology already cover this situation. All calls are "forwarded" to user <sid>adm.

1. June 2016 - New fields

For SAP HANA SPS12 new additional fields have been added to the output of The version 0.152.17 (next maintenance update) will cover this using a parseable output format for SAP HANA begging from revision 111.

27. May 2016 - Don't ask me that offline

SAP Note 2315257 explains why not to use some hdbnsutil options, when SAP HANA is offline. The version 0.152.17 (next maintenance update) will cover this and use the new introduced options for hdbnsutil. The interface changes described in SAP Note 2315257 are efefctive since SAP HANA rev 112.03.