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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” - George Bernard Shaw

Once upon a time there were in-person meetings. Today, in the ‘new-normal’, business relationships consist of virtual meetings, webinars, demo sessions, and almost all business interactions are mainly managed remotely. Time has come to re-think the way we virtually interrelate with our counterparts, with the aim to improve our ability to communicate, especially in virtual environments.

In fact, it’s all about communication. We can be the best subject matter experts, but if we do not effectively share and communicate our information, or interpret different signals such as body language, and non-verbal messages and more, our (virtual) meeting will easily fail.

Introducing a New Webinar to Upskill Your Virtual Communications.

With these challenges in mind, the SAP Partner Solution Center has organized a webinar titled “Soft Skills and Effective Communication – How to be in Presence, Remotely” addressing the most common issues in communicating virtually.  And, to introduce a number of tips and tricks on how to improve our soft skills, we invited a communication professional, with a very long experience as an actor and theater director, and university professor in public speaking and diction, with a specific approach to communicating virtually.

This webinar, fully dedicated to the SAP Partner Ecosystem professionals, could not have been more successful, confirming the need to improve these capabilities in combination with the classic skills. The webinar consisted of:

  • A one-hour session on how to better communicate remotely, sharing some actor tricks and a number of tips about personal preparation

  • A one hour session on how-to better plan and execute a virtual demo session

The objective is to give you a first rough idea on how to successfully approach a virtual meeting, regardless the content and audience, and improve how to better interact with the participants.

130 employees from various partners attended, and the follow-up survey gave us full confirmation; more than 90% of the respondents were highly satisfied about the webinar contents.

Read a few anonymous quotes:
“Generally, very interesting meeting full of operational ideas, certainly well organized and delivered by engaging and competent speakers. As part of the current offer of online content, one of the most interesting meetings I have attended, has caught my attention throughout the duration.“

“Nice initiative, very useful and thanks for these opportunities that SAP shares with us Partners.”

“It would be nice to deepen the guest speaker’s part with more sessions, diversifying topics and practical exercises. Overall a great job, thank you very much.”

It goes without saying that we will be using this method filling a gap in communications moving forward, even if at one point we will have the chance to meet in-person again.

As per George Bernhard Shaw’s quote, avoid the illusion to have a good communication skill. Prepare with SAP!

Interested in learning more? Kindly reach out to Valerio Montini directly.