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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

SAP partners told us they needed more flexibility, better cashflow, and more opportunities in the cloud. To that end, SAP today officially announced the availability of SAP PartnerEdge Cloud Choice, flex model, a new cloud-revenue sharing go-to-market model designed to help partners drive cloud revenue.

This new cloud-revenue sharing model replaces the current model, SAP PartnerEdge Cloud choice, profit option. The new model is designed to reward partners along the customer journey by providing more flexibility, profitability and opportunity.

With the new model splitting the customer lifecycle into two stages, you can focus on the key areas where you have expertise. Consider & Select rewards you for sales and pre-sales activities and Adopt & Operate rewards you for customer engagement activities.

Eligible partners will earn 10% of TCV one-time commission for Consider & Select activities for initial deals, upsells, and renewals. The Adopt & Operate stage earns you 10% ACV, paid quarterly throughout the contract term. Commission payments at the end of the sales cycle and throughout the customer engagement cycle enable you to invest in your Cloud activities across the customer lifecycle.

Cloud choice, flex model opens up the Large Enterprise for you to support the customer sales and pre-sales activities whilst SAP manages the customer engagement activities. In the midmarket, you can participate in both the pre-sales and customer engagement stages.

Get Started
Two pilot deals have already secured €7.7million TCV for two partners participating in our pilot initiative. Attend a live partner enablement session ongoing through July, or check out the key resources section of the Cloud Choice, flex model page on SAP Partner Portal for on demand enablement; check your eligibility, including new email alias requirement now on the SAP Partner Portal to join these partners already benefitting from Cloud Choice, flex model.