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A brief background.

NetWeaver Development Infrastucture (NWDI)

SAP NetWeaver provides a platform for your Java-based development called NWDI. NWDI provides a centralized development environment for the entire software lifecycle.

NetWeaver Developer Studio (NWDS)

The NWDS provides access to the NWDI. The NWDS consists of Local Development Environments (IDE) on the PCs of the developers and Services that provide the development team with a consistent development environment.

In this blog i will describe a common problem that can occur when Creating a Development Component in NWDS, in this example, the vendor and names on the dropdownlist cannot be selected as they are grayed out.

Steps to Recreate:

1. Start the NWDS (Netweaver Developer Studio).
2. In "Development Infrastructure Perspective" log on to Netweaver Development Infrastructure (NWDI).
3. Create Development Component (Right click on track > context menu appears > Choose "New").

4. You may notice that you are not able to edit the Vendor field as it is grayed out and set to "".

Prefixes for development components must consist of at least two components (Vendor/Name Prefix).
If you want to allow all of the prefixes under your vendor, enter "*" see note 710315.

Another cause can be that all of the steps have not been completed.

Check the following steps to ensure that you proceeded correctly;

Step 1. Stop NWDS.

Step 2. Open SLD.

> Name Reservation.
> List Namespace Prefixes.
> Select Development Component Name.

Apart from the "" default namespaces you can see here what namespaces have been defined (, etc).

> Name Reservation.
> List Namespace Prefixes.
> Select Design Time Package.

Notice the syntax difference (org.newcompany.appl, etc).

Step 3. Restart SLD from SLD > Administration.

Step 4. Update CMS and Re-save the track

Step 5. Update the Development Configuration in NWDS (on NWDS releases where this feature is not available ensure that there are no open activities, then delete and reimport the development configuration)

Step 6. Start NWDS and logon to NWDI.

If you start NWDS but don’t logon, then try to create a new DC, it will look like this;

Step 7. Logon to NWDS with your Developer user and create a new DC.

It should look like this;

Another cause can be the Object Server.

In the following example;
I created a new namespace prefix, but I’ve previously changed the object server in the SLD > Administration > Settings > Server Configuration > Object Server.

Restart SLD from SLD > Administration.

I added a new Prefix
Now go to SLD > CIM Instance / CIM Classes > Classes with Instances > Select Allowed Namespace Prefix (num).

Be aware: Since you have changed the object server, only one of the prefixes will be available in NWDS when you try to create a new DC. See Note 935245.

Reference Notes:
#710315  New prefix namespace for SAP NetWeaver.  
#876701  Name reservation of CMS domains in NWDI.
#935245  Importance of "Object Server" SLD parameter.

If you see the below error;

Please apply the following note;

#1816503 NWDS not identifying Vendor/Name Prefix defined in SLD

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Hi Kenny,

I have seen this problem at three companies, you solved it for me via an OSS Message the first time I came across it.

I guess you've had so many questions on this it's time that it's blogged 🙂

I'd like to say you have solved many issues at different companies I have been it via OSS in the area of NWDI and J2EE - so thank you very much, keep up the good work and we always know we're in safe hands when you're the message processor.

All the best,

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Thanks Petr
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Product and Topic Expert
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Thank you Kenny for adding the issue related to the "No character set defined..." ! 😉