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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

I’ve been Inspired by Angela Dunn’s post on the essential SAPPHIRE NOW kit -- here's my list:

  • The SAPPHIRE NOW mobile application. I’ve found this incredibly useful at previous conferences to find out what is going on, and how to get there. You can download it here, for iOS, Android, or Blackberry:
  • Fitbit fitness device ( Comfortable shoes are essential, because you’ll be walking a long way – and it’s a good time to get fit! We're organizing a competition for SAPPHIRE NOW -- take your favorite pedometer/device, and record your footsteps, distance, stairs, etc, and we'll be collecting the data and using SAP Visual Intelligence to analyze it (details here on how to take part)
  • Cameras. As one of the SAPPHIRE NOW social media ambassadors for the analytics campus, I'll be taking my faithful Canon digital EOS camera, tripod, lenses, and wireless microphones to grab footage of anybody prepared to say something interesting about analytics (follow the SAPPHIRE NOW YouTube channel to get a constant stream of news and interview from the show). But we’re also very interested in seeing what you have to show us! Take your pictures and upload them to twitter or instagram, or your videos to Vine and tag them with #sapphirenow (but of course, please be courteous about the privacy of others and respect any content usage restrictions)
  • Mobile devices and chargers. I’ll be blogging for the SAPPHIRE NOW blog and the SAP Analytics blog, and my PC always runs out of juice before the end of the day. I have an iPad and an detachable keyboard by logitech that is perfect for taking notes during presentations, and a “Merlin” power adapter that can charge four different USB devices off a single power socket (perfect for making new friends when there aren’t enough sockets to go around).
  • Wireless presentation mouse and adaptor. I’ll be presenting a session at ASUG 2013 on “BI Culture Eats Technology for Breakfast” and so I’ll be bringing the tools of the trade.
  • Headache and sleeping pills. I have a six-hour time-zone difference and (I hope) some great evening events to recover from 🙂

I hope to see you there!