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... Monday Mentor Monday. How long, how long must I sing this song? How long, how looooong? One of the best kept secrets of SAP Community Network are the public SAP Mentor Monday webinars.I am convinced that some SAP Mentor Monday regulars were cringing when they read the headline of this post. They know one day I will play that tune or should we say butcher that excellent song as a musical intro to the SAP Mentor Monday. Most SAP Mentor webinars are started with a little muiscal intro, ideally done live by one of the presenters, or another SAP Mentor. Unfortunately too many times folks are too shy. So I have to do it, although for the ones familiar with Asterix*, I feel a lot like Cacophonix (Troubadix for the Germans), just not really appreciated for it 😉

Once you have survived the first minute (some just tune in a minute late), there is quite the interesting and dense content and the latest around a theme. Much of it you can also get somewhere else on SCN, but what you can't get anywhere else is the amazing high signal conversation developing around the SAP Mentor Monday webinar topic.

We encourage the presenters to have prepared content for about half an hour and leave the second half for question or better the conversation, as all too often someone from the audience is jumping in with a story or an example from the field.

It is pure magic to have the insights from many years of deep SAP expertise from all corners of the world as well as all corners of SAP products and solutions unfold in conversation style. One of the beauties is, even if you are not an SAP Mentor, you can join the dialog ask and answer questions bring in your perspective.

Even if the time of the webinar doesn't work for you, you can check out the recording at your convenience, like the one with Tobias Trap and Markus Peter around: Development of Enterprise Services.

The next couple of weeks we have an amazing lineup of SAP Mentor Mondays. See the SAP Mentor Monday Wiki Page.

We are happy to have Hugh MacLeod artist and blogger behind Gapingvoid. Dennis Howlett and many other mentors are long time fans. Dennis nudged us to give all SAP Mentors the following print:

We gave them two. (For all mentors that have not been to TechEd, the check aka print is in the mail 😉 The first one is given as a little appreciation for all the great work the mentors are doing. The second one is for them to give away to someone who is frickin' amazing. Here On being totally frickin’ amazing. He even filmed a little video about it. We started to collect these stories on the SAP Mentor Wiki.

Now Hugh also gave us a bigger version of this print and this Monday the 29th of November we are unveiling it at SAP Labs in Palo Alto. Please join in person if you are around Palo Alto or via the webcast. Huge will be there via Satalite as they say on TV and we will talk about his creative process and how he is able to carve out his own nitch using social media.
SAP Connect Session: Dial in:   1-888-894-0577 or 1-719-955-1561 additional Numbers Participant Passcode: 5795926235

Next up on the 6th of December our SAP Mentor Monday Monthly #sapmmm. The idea behind the monthly public mentor webinar is to have a regular event where we can talk about what happened during the last month in mentor land and take a look into what is coming up that you should not miss. And boy will there be a lot to talk about next Monday: Reports from SAP Mentors at the UK and Ireland User conference, recaps from the SAP TechEd (Including Innovation Community Day) in Bangalore and hopefully Shanghai.  We may move the meeting to a time slot that works better for the SAP Mentors in India.

Two days later the SAP Mentor Monday on a Wednesday. This one got kicked off by SAP Mentor Matthias Steiner via a forum post in the mentor forum wondering about the great interest in REST and Enterprise Services. First it was a shootout, which has been done before and was deemed boring. Both solutions have their place as so eloquently described in Richard Hirsch's blog post: The specified item was not found.

I am especially looking forward to this webinar, as it is at the sweet spot of expertise knowledge and passion of many SAP Mentors, therefore the dialog will be rich, enlightening and fun. I am convinced that everyone on the call will come away with greater insights of what solution to use when and what to look out for in the different areas. Can't wait.

The week after also a very interesting theme Governance Risk & Compliance (GRC) 10.0 with Michaela Zwinakis and Gretchen Lindquist:

  • Overview of customer observations about SAP BusinessObjects AC from perspective of security administrators

  • Overview of what's new in AC 10.0

  • Q&A re AC what’s new

    Bio: Michaela Zwinakis Vice President, Solution Management at SAP  Currently leading Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) Access Control and Continuous Control Monitoring solution management teams.

    Bio: Gretchen Lindquist has been working in SAP Security since 1997, when she was part of the initial SAP implementation team at Halliburton. Her recent experience was focused on controls compliance and process improvements, and she was also the lead configurator and technical support analyst for an SAP partner system in their ERP landscape. Gretchen has held a variety of roles as an ASUG volunteer, and she is also proud to be an SAP Mentor.

Check back on the SAP Mentor Monday webinar site often, to find out what we are cooking up. Spread the word, as these are public and we don't want to keep it the best kept secret around SCN.

* I think it is really unfortunate how few US folks know Asterix in the US. Especially the early commix like Asterix the Legionary is so funny and layered.