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In this episode Craig and Sami talk about MEAP and Gartner's "Rule of Three".  Gartner has a “rule of three” that states that a MEAP offers significant advantages in three situations:

  • When there are 3 or more mobile applications
  • When there are 3 or more targeted operating systems or platforms
  • When they involve the integration of 3 or more back-end systems

Season 1, Episode 2 – MEAP  Sami also took a moment and addressed 3 questions we were asked in response to our first podcast (Mobile World of SAP, intro), watch for his blog for more information as well.  The 3 questions he picked as we recorded the podcast were:

  • Future of SAP and Partner products already available on NetWeaver Mobile. Will these have to be ported to SUP or will be supported standalone?
  • I know from the announcement that work is ON to develop a single mobile platform combining both SUP and NWM. However what time frame are we looking for the same when it will be GA?
  • The third was general in regards to various questions regarding licenses and pricing.

Keep the questions, suggestions and requests coming! Be sure to catch the upcoming Webinar as well!

"Rapid Implementations and Jump-Start Mobility Apps"

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