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The "mini me" of WebAS 6.20 is here, well OK it's been here for awhile now but you know sometimes these Demo systems are just not strong enough to actually play around with. Well the latest of the demo's from SAP is! I'm here to tell you it can also grow.

This is actually something that has been talked about quite a bit in the forums.
So yes it's been a bit of a nice active topic lately. Now I won't focus on all the issues related to this system nor all the little problems that occur during the installation. What I plan to talk to you about is what to do once you have the system up and running and want to actually play around a bit.

The system comes with SP 24 of ABA and BASIS and since the system ID is "BSP" this tends to be a problem. You can't really play with the system and BSP's with only SP 24. You need to get up past SP 30. Now perhaps SAP will provide a new version here soon with that, but if you can't wait then here you go...

So as you can see from the reading (forum topics) it was not exactly an easy task so here are the steps I recommend.
  • Download the SP's from 25 to 43
  • Manually unpack the SP's using sapcar and put them in the EPS/in directory under /MiniWAS/trans
  • Download the Kernel Upgrade
  • Download SAPDB 7.4+
Once you have everything downloaded, and the SP's unpacked and in the right place. Make a backup of your system.

A side note I should mention, you should have your Transport system working before going any further. Refer to the forum topics I listed earlier for more information on that. I would also recomment that you transport into your system at least the Transport Request that come on the CD with the ABAP Objects.

So now back to it. You have your backup completed? I hope so because you may have to go through and reinstall everything if you get a huge problem.

Step 1:
   Import one at a time the ABA and BASIS SP's from 25 to 27.
Step 2:
   Stop the system. Do your kernel upgrade, basically copy the files from the CAR files to your MiniWAS directory. Restart your system.
Step 3:
   If the system starts up and you can login then proceed to import SP's, one at a time, from 28 to 37.
Step 4:
   At this point you will need to do the next Kernel upgrade (DB independent and DB Dependent) as well as the SAPDB upgrade.
Step 5:
   After this restart you should be able to login, if the work processes are all dying then chances are you didn't do the SAPDB upgrade. If the system starts up and you can then proceed to import SP's, one at a time, from 38 to 43.

Once you have all those in and you've checked your system and it works OK, make another BACKUP.

One thing I learned while trying to figure this out was that often times I had to get back to a start point, for example I first tried to import SP's for ABA from 25 to 27 in one go and the system hung. I could have worked through it tried to figure it out like a normal WebAS 6.20 but instead I choose to restore my backup as it was much quicker. So please make that BACKUP!!!

I do hope those of you trying the system out give this a shot, it's the best way to get a true feel for working with BSP'S. Have fun coding and we look forward to seeing you over in the Business Server Pages (BSP)

Please note: The link I provided for the purchase of the MiniWAS is a bit funny you may haveto click on the WAS - WebAS 6.20 from the menu on the left if that comes up for you.