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A few years ago I started using mind maps as a way to capture my notes while ramping up on a new topic. One of the most extensive mind maps I've built to date is on Hadoop. Upon hearing this, several people around me asked if I could share it with them. Unfortunately this particular mind map grew so fast and became so chaotic that no other mind but mine will ever be able to navigate it... I did however promise myself to be more careful next time and to generate something that others might be able to decipher.

In that spirit, here is a mind map on OpenStack. If you are interested in OpenStack but are not too sure where to start this might be useful. Please note that this is only a very high-level entry point in the topic - see this merely as a compass to a vast array of information.

Header 1Header 2

Looking up for more information on mind maps I quickly found myself in history that goes up in time much further than I would have suspected. This is a fascinating topic. Beautiful XIII century knowledge trees by Ramon Llull can actually be found in his "Arbor Scientiae", available in its entirety on Google Books (unfortunately in Latin).

OpenStack is an open source framework to build Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) cloud. Earlier this year, in July 2014, SAP announced that we had joined the OpenStack foundation. The technology is key to our cloud-first strategy and to take our HANA Enterprise Cloud and HANA Cloud Platform to the next level. You will certainly hear much more from us on this initiative.

Are such mind maps useful at all? Have you spotted any major inaccuracies? Please don't hesitate to comment.

(Click on the image below to expand it to a legible size)

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