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Product and Topic Expert
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Interested in learning more about SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions (as well SAP Services)?

Then make sure to check out these executive sessions at SAPPHIRENOW Orlando. If you are unable to attend SAPPHIRENOW, you can still watch these sessions live - click on the links below:

Leading the Transformation of the Services Industry with Anand Eswaran

Air Date: Tue, May 14 - Time: 11:15 AM - Duration: 15 min

The services industry is transforming the way it unlocks the power of software and helps business achieve new levels of success. SAP is leading that transformation through a holistic, customer focused approach to their customers, providing true end to end value.

Transforming the Marketing of Services with Shawn Reynolds

Air Date: Tue, May 14 - Time: 11:45 AM - Duration: 15 min

Just as the Services business is changing, so too is the way that Services are marketed. Today our customers want to know how services can help change their businesses and their lives. So at SAP Marketing, we now talk about our Services business through stories from our customers and from the 12,000 consultants working with those customers every day.

SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions with Bernd Welz

Air Date: Wed, May 15 - Time: 12:45 PM - Duration: 15 min

SAP® Simplified Rapid-Deployment Solution Experience.  The solution provides a set of collaborative and integrated tools, methodology, and deployment technology to allow for a new way of conveniently and rapidly adopting SAP solutions and innovations across the entire life cycle – from exploring, selecting, deploying, down to running. Through Simplified Experience, SAP customers can now have pre-assembled Rapid-Deployment solutions: A fully-realized enterprise IT stack, preconfigured with best practices and spanning multiple components, ready to use for implementation within a few days. This can be provided either on-premise or in the cloud, including the option to port the solution being implemented from the cloud to on-premise before go-live.

Delivering Value to our Customers with Greg Tomb and Clay Caldwell

Air Date: Tue, May 14 - Time: 04:45 PM - Duration: 15 min

Businesses today are looking to Services providers to deliver clear business outcomes aligned to new and existing software investments; maximizing repeatability for greater efficiency; and supporting solution uniqueness to provide competitive differentiation . SAP Services is leading the way in bringing that value to their customers through a number of innovations, including Rapid-Deployment Solutions, Engineered Services and the Assemble –to-Order approach.

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