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Your company needs to make sound pricing decisions that maximize volume and profitability consistent with your company’s strategy. That’s why managers throughout your organization require information that is timely, accurate, and sufficiently detailed for their needs. To be useful in negotiating specific deals, this information should be segmented by market, customer, ship-to location, product, package type, geography, and distribution channel.

Studies show that managing prices and margins effectively has greater impact on profitability than cutting costs or increasing sales volumes. Effective price management can also give your company an important strategic advantage.  The SAP® Price and Margin Management application by Vendavo provides the tools to help your company create customer-specific pricing strategies, optimize price negotiations, and institutionalize best practices in value-based selling. The application provides real time pricing and profitability insights via prepackaged dashboards and analytics. High-performance in-memory technology provides quick access to pricing and profitability data.

SAP Price and Margin Management helps you understand your pricing power, negotiate more competitively with customer procurement departments, reduce discounting, and stop profit leakage from rogue deals.  Full integration with the SAP Customer Relationship Management and SAP ERP applications lets you capture the profit opportunity from improved pricing – without extra user training or changes to your current pricing processes.

Follow the link to try this Value Calculator ! It can give you insights into potential profit improvements from implementing SAP Price and Margin Management.

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