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Did you happen to catch the podcast conducted during SAP CRM 2009 by Paul Greenberg about the new book "Marketing Planning by Design: Systematic Planning for Successful Marketing Strategy" written by Dr. Ralf E. Strauss, Head of CRM Marketing CRM Global Product Management?

The interview offers interesting insights on marketing planning... why the book was written, some reasons to focus on marketing planning, etc.  Dr. Strauss mentions the efficiency discussions that occurred previously in other departments are now taking place for marketing... i.e. the focus is now on marketing to justify their budgets and show a clear link between their activities and the established strategies -- and one way to achieve this is through more systematic Marketing Planning. 

If you have not listened to it yet, you can find it here.

As a follow-up to this event, I would like to get your thoughts on the podcast and the specific topic of Marketing Planning. How important is marketing planning in your organization? Any other thoughts about this topic? Interesting articles you might have come across?

I would love to hear from you!