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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
To help partners improve how they differentiate their expertise and experience in driving customer success in the marketplace, SAP’s flagship partner program introduces the debut of the new Competency Framework,

The competency framework from SAP PartnerEdge, is a major initiative with a two-fold mission:

  • To help customers select the partner that best fits their digital transformation journey towards becoming an intelligent enterprise.

  • The framework evolves SAP’s recognition of its partner ecosystem expertise by categorizing partners by the competency and specialization they offer the market, giving customers transparency on the skills, expertise, and maturity of a partner’s SAP practice in delivering customer success.

Today’s annoucement of the framework is designed to boost SAP partners’ focus on customer lifetime value and customer outcomes, while also serving as the key engine for partner recognition around their expertise and contributions.

The program notification, which was sent to partners today:

  • Announced the debut the framework, introducing new competency and specialization designations that partners can use to differentiate their value, capabilities, and experience in delivering customer success.

  • Informed partners that, starting August 1, they will be able to see any earned designations in their SAP for Me dashboard specifically in the new Competency and Specialization card.

  • As part of this launch, partners were notified partners that customers will be able to see earned partner competency and specialization designations in the SAP Partner Finder tool on in September.

  • It also announced the upcoming retirement of the silver and gold partnership logos and SAP Recognized Expertise

Competency Framework in Brief

The new framework provides partners with the competency and specialization designations to help prospective customers find the best-fit partner who understands their business and industry to be their trusted technology and business advisor.

Competency and specialization designations are two independent and interlocking capability components granted to partners based on performance and achievement.

A competency designation demonstrates partner breadth and depth at the solution level and line of business proficiency, including developed intellectual property.  Seven competency designations are available.

Competencies are tiered designations with a visual progression of the three tiers: Essential, Advanced, Expert –that will appear on SAP Partner Finder starting September 2022, making it easier for customers to choose a best-fit local or global partner.

A specialization designation demonstrates partner expertise and skill at the product/process level. It’s an integral building block towards attaining a competency designation. There are 21 specialization designations available, they are not tiered and the name of an attained designation will appear on SAP Partner Finder.

Learn more by visiting the new Competency and Specialization landing page on SAP Partner Portal.
Good morning Jerry.

Can I check my understanding using an example.

If a Partner was targeting HCM (Competency) at Essential (Tier), they would require a minimum of 1 specialisation (e.g. Core HR and Payroll).

The Core HR and Payroll has 5 individual certifications listed against it:

  • EC (THR81)

  • ECP (C_HCMPAY2203)

  • Time Mgmt (THR94)

  • WFA & WFP (THR89, THR96) and

  • WFA Reporting (THR92).

To achieve Core HR and Payroll specialisation, does the Partner need:

  1. 3 certified solution consultants for all of these certifications (e.g. consultant A - certified in all 5 certifications; consultant B - certified in all 5 certifications; and consultant C - certified in all 5 certifications) OR

  2. 3 certified solutions consultants for a selection of these certifications (e.g. consultant A - certified in EC (THR81); consultant B - certified in Time Mgmt (THR94); and consultant C - certified in EC (THR81)

As you can imagine, these are quite different requirements.

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Hello Steve,

Unfortunately I do not have an answer to your question but do have a question for you 🙂 When you say you see the 5 individual certifications listed against the Core and HR Payroll specialization, where are you seeing that listing? are you SAP for ME or somewhere else?

Appreciate the guidance


Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Hi Steve, Ahmed,

 Apologies for the delayed response to your question.

If a partner is targeting Human Capital Management​ competency at the Essential tier they would need to achieve one of the following specializations: Compensation & Commission​s, Core HR and Payroll​, Learning​ or Talent Management​.

 3 certified Solution Consultants, 1 Project manager and 1 Delivered project are required to achieve this specialization respectively.

To achieve Core HR and Payroll at the Essential competency tier, a partner would need 3 certified Solution Consultants for this specialization each consultant holding a certification included in the specialization mapping (point 2 in your example).

The current certifications by roles and a complete list of the certification mapping per specialization is included here on the SAP Partner Portal.

 See how a specialization and competency tier designation are attained and details on the criteria and requirements in the SAP PartnerEdge program guide or on the SAP Partner Portal here.

 Let us know if this answer and please contact your assigned Partner Manager or if you have additional questions.