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I do most of my work at home on a Mac. We have a wireless network and I tote my little PowerBook around blissfully independently from any wires or any one surface (when the telephone rings, sometimes I get kicked off the network, but that's a different story...). I love the aesthetics and the usability (and the applications) of the Mac.    When it's time to work, however, I trudge out the Intel processor. SAP virtually requires this PC. I've never even bothered to try to boot the NetWeaver Developer Studio on a Mac (though I have visited SDN on it). But will that change within the next year?  Just announced at Macworld, Apple unveiled new desktop and laptop Macintoshes that sport Intel-based processors called Intel Core Duo chips. This means "blazingly faster" (4-5x) and more efficient processors than ever before. This is already causing a lot of fun cross-posts between PCWorld and Macworld camps, and the MacBook Notebook at least is fomenting a lot of drool on at least one geeky mailing list I frequent.  Other Macworld announcements of note included:
  • iPods and iTunes are HOT
  • Tiger's "dashboard" is COOL
  • iPhoto has improved its performance, and iLife and iWeb make a ploy for easy photo (and more) sharing on the Internet (hello flickr?)
  • Podcasting - RSS-feed via audio - is a trend
And there are other signs (podcasting right here on the SDN!) that Apple is seeping in. You'll probably hear a buzz for some time to come, and maybe you'll be reading this next year (dusting off this old post?) on a different machine altogether.  After all, Apple shares proceeded to rocket to an all-time high today. Time to take note(book), I'd say!  cheers, -m