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Here's an unofficial list of some of my favorites Visual Intelligence resources / moments / people in 2012

Tongue-In-Cheek Video

Analyze This!

YouTube Visual Intelligence Playlist

Visi Playlist

Customer Presentation

Vincent Lacour from Lexmark International (SAPPHIRE Madrid)


Cracking the code - Behind Fast Business Intelligence

10 Data Geek Videos to Watch

Video Wall

Making of Gangnam Geek Blog Post

3 Great Videos / Tutorials

Getting Started

Working with Data


... and the official ones

Official Product Tutorials – SAP Visual Intelligence

2 Visi Experts to Follow


tammy.powlas3 ; on Twitter

Great "How to" Posts

How Does Forecasting Work in SAP Visual Intelligence?

SAP Visual Intelligence 1.0.4: Enhancing GeoMaps with Latitude Longitude

All the Information Souces on Visi (almost...)

SAP Lumira - Information Sources

Feel free to add more great resources if you feel I forgot something.

Have a great 2013 everyone!