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People of all ages and backgrounds are updating statuses on Facebook, following associates on Twitter, commenting on blog posts, and gathering in forums to chat about everything from diapers, to sports, to enterprise software. Within this surge of social media information, there are people talking specifically about your company, products, and market dynamics.  This information is extremely valuable and can enable your business to stay in tune with customer sentiment and opinion, whether it is positive, negative, or somewhere in between. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to track information in the social media world and often requires hours of manual searches and categorization efforts. So this wealth of knowledge remains untapped. However, the right tool can change all that.

Track Net Sentiment

SAP Social Media Analytics is an on-demand, subscription-based solution that businesses can use to gauge consumer sentiment in real time. With it, users can enter any topic in the application and see a summary of that topic’s net sentiment. This allows business analysts and marketers to instantly extract actual customer perceptions from terabytes of social media chatter.

The Importance of Natural Language Processing

The social web is based on language, and language is messy. The introduction of one word can completely change the meaning expressed in a sentence. If you’re using a basic text analysis solution, it may not be tracking information accurately. The true meaning of a phrase can only be determined with deeper analysis by a sophisticated natural language processing (NLP) engine that understands every word and its context.

The NLP engine reads and understands millions of social media postings every minute. For every sentence, it identifies and links the subjects, objects, verbs, adjectives, and other linguistic patterns. By analyzing each sentence, the NLP engine can account for the complexities in language that are at the root of sentence meaning. It also recognizes variations in modern language, such as urban words or slang (“My new phone is sick!”), alternative spellings (“luv,” “kewl,” or “gr8”), abbreviations (“IMHO” or “ttyl”), and common misspellings (“teh/the”).

Tap into the Potential

Tapping into the ever-growing stream of social media information can help you stay in tune with feedback about your company. Easily track sentiment analysis; quickly discover market needs and trends; quantify customer perceptions about products, services, and companies; and operate as a customer-driven business.