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Dear colleague,

Having to open windows to print from SLES or Redhat Linux is now a thing of the past!

SAP Labs IT has now realized a solution, to make it easier for you to print to standard SAP printers from Linux. There will not be a mass role out of activation on all servers, IT will be activating the service per request.

An easy to follow step by step guide has been published in our SAP Labs IT Linux COE (Center of Expertise) Jam room and can be found -> HERE.

If you are an advanced Linux user, and prefer not to reference the Step by Step guide, should the service not be activated for your target printer, please send an email with the name of the print server to Markus Maron; ( He will ensure the needful is done and provide the appropriate feedback to you. 

In the Step by Step guide you will also find a way to test, if it is already available for your print server or not.

The original announcment email for this can be found here.

If you have general questions about Linux @ SAP, please contact us through our monitored Linux COE Jam Group.