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Managing a business network is never easy. If it was, everyone would be able to do it. The key to managing a business network is to empower the members within your network. While you are the leader, you also need talented and skilled individuals within your network who are going to do great things for your business. Understand the market conditions, the industry you are in, and the steps your organization must take to make progress in the coming years.
Whether your network consists of people within a physical area, or based on a virtual platform, managing them involves the same key steps. If you are hoping to grow, manage and leverage your network, here are some steps that should help you in a major way.

Delegation –

While the person in charge must maintain their authority, it is also important that you are secure enough in your position to delegate when necessary. What is the point of having a business network if you are taking on all the work yourself? In addition, it is important to communicate effectively with the members of your network, whether they are sitting two doors away from you or they are based in another city. Better communication leads to clarity and a single purpose within the network, which is always helpful.

Set Milestones and Recognize Them –

All members within a network cannot be motivated the same way. Some may respond to hard deadlines, while others need encouragement to keep them on their toes. It is up to the leader of a business network to know what his or her members require at a given moment. And one way to ensure the network is consistently motivated is by setting milestones for each member, and publicly acknowledging those members when they successfully complete a task.

And finally, it is important to recognize that members may want to leave your network for any reason. Instead of refusing to let go, it is better to have other individuals ready to step in at a moment’s notice!

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