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At CSUA (China SAP User Association) 2015 Annual Conference, SAP GS-SLS China team set up SAP Language Services demo booth at the conference site on 24 October. In order to better utilize the opportunity meeting SAP customers and make successfull presense of SLS China team through the demo booth as well as well prepared survey, we decided to use Design Thinking workshop.

After rounds of iteration in the workshop, key user and non key user are described and their pain points, needs are also identified as needing an interactive experience and learn about SLS and giving feedback to SLS. Then we came up with reframed Challenge: "Redesign SLS booth, demo and survey for China SAP customer where they have little knowledge about SLS and SAP language services".

Then through brainstorming and iterating on the ideas, insights and further synthesizing, the re-designed demo booth, the unified T-Shirt for all presenting team members, the one minute flip board introduction on SLS, one minute talk script, two minute 1Q demo, and three minute survey are prepared as final prototype.

Iteration on prototype lasted until the day before the actual event day. Finally, all set and everyone couldn't wait to test how all these preparations would work on customers at the conference site.

At the end of the conference, GS-SLS demo booth generated 42 responses of online SAP Language Service Satisfaction survey out of approximately 300 event participants; several hours of face-to-face conversations and visualization of languages issues pertaining to - SAP products/Cloud services usage, increased interest of customers on engaging in terminology review/definition, and increased visibility of SAP Language Services team.

Overall, the GS-SLS China booth was a great success. Team had lot of fun. And the event participants, event organizers, peer colleagues all showed appreciations to our efforts – see some quotes:

“It’s a good initiative to engage SAP customers to review terminology which will benefit both SAP customers and SAP. I would suggest SLS and Haining Wu to firstly discuss the framework of better running it.” - AnHui Heli Co., Ltd.

“Very professional organization of GS-SLS China booth with excellent topics delivered and good communications with SAP customers. I like your uniforms, and would like to have one too.” – GS colleagues.