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Hi Guys,

The Development Team was quite busy last week. They released four notes which will be discussed below.

First note 2329386 fixes an issue where a course program could be set as completed by the user before completing all mandatory courses. This issue was caused by two previously released notes 1614590 and 1768966.

Second note 2343150 was released in order to fix an issue with displaying the description of any object on renovated learning portal. That issue was caused by the ABAP wbdynpro framework which was not rendering the text as expected.

Another note 2343389 that we have prepared corrects an issue where during cancellation of courses form portal the error message returned from BAdi LSO_CHECK_BOOKING was not considered.

Finally note 2359812 fixes an issue where cancellation reasons were not displayed correctly in the cancellation reason drop-down of course type page on the portal.

In order to fix above issues please apply corresponding support package listed in the notes or correction instruction attached to them.


LSO and TEM Support