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So here's a quick description of some of the activities going on at SAP TechEd in Las Vegas and Basel, Switzerland.

The SAP Developer Network will be inescapable at both shows. The SAP TechEd teams have been incredibly helpful in promoting SDN since there's such a huge value to the TechEd attendees. You could look at it this way, SAP TechEd is the "real-world" technical community for SAP and SDN is the "virtual" technical community for SAP. So, there's a whole lot of synergies between the two groups.

SDN will have the largest booth at both events and will be registering users throughout the conference. You'll be able to get a full rundown of the features and capabilities of SDN at the booth. You'll also get to meet the SDN team and provide us with direct feedback on the types of things you'd like to see in the future.

SDN will also be spotlighted in the keynote at both shows, so you'll get to see me on stage, doing my little tapdance.

If you're coming to TechEd, make sure and stop by the booth to say hi, we'd love to meet you in person. If you're not coming to TechEd, WHY NOT!! You'll miss the best chance all year to get up to speed on all the new stuff from SAP. You don't want to be the newbie on the discussion board asking the silly questions! 🙂