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Add-on landscape verification 1.0 for SAP Solution Manager gets a lot of attention and it is generally available. The question is: When to install it? This depends on a few simple facts:

  1. Using landscape verification as a part of the software maintenance, updates, and upgrades is optional, yet highly recommendable.
  2. In general you should start as early as possible getting rid of inconsistent data, or filling in missing part in you system landscape description.
  3. The landscape verification tool itself is a piece of software and therefore needs maintenance from time to time.
  4. We have delivered significant enhancements with SP1 of landscape verification tool - see Landscape Verification 1.0 for SAP Solution Manager - New Features.

So here is my advice, go for SP1.

All related information you'll find at the Landscape Verification.
(The page can also be found on Upgrade Management -> Related Areas).

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