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With its new post-ramp-up version SP1 Add-On tool landscape verification 1.0 for SAP Solution Manager provides you with a significantly enhanced set of features:

  • There is a new start page giving a quick overview of the state of your landscape and the required activities.
  • More importantly – besides the notification and description of inconsistencies in the landscape description - now there is a wizard helping you correct these errors.

There are also several usability improvements, which allow to more easily locate information in the tool.

The New Features 

Here's a little preview of the new features - for a more details I provided a demo (you'll find the link at the end of this blog)


First news you'll see when stating the tool is the overview page:

The new overview page "Home" of landscape verification 1.0 for SAP Solution Manager in SP1 - here, you'll get an overview of the state of both the landscape check and the landscape plus additional information.


Second news is in the core of verification itself - on the error-pages you'll also find  wizard to directly solve the problem in the landscape verification tool as long as SMSY data are concerned (infrastructure related issues such as missing data supplier connection cannot be fixed in the tool):

On the "System Landscape" and "Error" tab, in addition to the well-known error description you'll find a direct access to the wizard, which helps you solving the issue. It is named after the proposed solution, in this case "Change Technical System Assignment". The wizard only proposes plausible values in selections, which are also checked directly.


These, in my opinion, are very good reasons to go for the new version as soon as possible. To find out about the look and feel of these new functions, watch this system demonstration.

System Demo  

Landscape description overview and wizard-based error correction with landscape verification 1.0 for SAP Solution Manager SP1 are shown here: 

Landscape verification 1.0 for SAP Solution Manager: The Wizard Function

Hints on the Installation

Two remarks i have:

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