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As I posted a few weeks back, I am the Product Manager for a new hybrid application technology for the SAP Mobile Platform called Kapsel. Kapsel is a set of SAP plugins for Apache Cordova; the plugins add SMP awareness to a Cordova application and allow the application to more easily consume services from SMP.

To help developers understand how to use Kapsel for their own applications, we of course have product and API documentation, but the development team decided to also create a Kapsel Kitchen Sink application which illustrates how all of the Kapsel features work. The application source code will be made available to customers.

Developers can run the application on a device and/or tear through the code to see what this Kapsel thing is all about. You can see a screen shot of the application in the figure below.

Figure 1

Essentially the app exposes a menu of all of the Kapsel plugins, when you tap on one of the options, a new page opens with a series of options exposed which show you all of the possible options for the particular plugin as shown in the following figure.

Figure 2

As I have to learn all about Kapsel for my day job, I was ‘volunteered’ to write the Kitchen Sink application, so I’ve been hard at work on this application as the product goes into ramp-up.

I plan on writing a series of blog posts here with a walkthrough of how I created the application and tutorials for each of the plugins (what they do, how they do what they do and how to use them in your applications). I will start publishing those tutorials as soon as I write them.