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Do you have heard already about the upcoming challenge, to prepare your systems for the new standard IFRS 15 for companies reporting according to IFRS or the ASC 606 according to US GAAP?

New rules have been defined on how to account for revenues arising from contracts with customers. The standard setters present enormous challenges to business and IT departments of many companies worldwide. It's now time to get started based on these significant changes, the complexity of the rules to comply with, and the short timeframe until mandatory adoption in 2018.

During the scheduled SAP Enterprise Support customer info day on April 27, 2016, experts from Installed Maintenance & Support (IMS) and Development will provide you with an overview of these specific standards, SAP's new solution for revenue recognition and the areas it touches.

Please take a moment now to register* for the following webinars:

Part 1: Why is IFRS 15 a challenge - Meet-the-Expert-Sessions

Part 2: The SAP solution - Meet-the-Expert-Sessions

Part 3: Implementation - Meet-the-Expert-Sessions

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Thank you and we hope to see you at the virtual event.

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