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Digital transformation has indeed proven itself to be more than just a trendy moniker or ploy to increase sales of software, sensors, digital devices, and social media. For anyone who has attended SAPPHIRE NOW on site or online over the last five years, it’s easy to see why the world is hooked: Digital transformation is changing businesses from the inside out – catalyzing better customer experiences, expansion and growth, and new revenue streams.

Despite all the advantage it offers, the digital journey is still rife with obstacles. Yes, companies need leadership commitment; a workforce that’s aware, comfortable, and educated about going digital; and the right resources and strategy in place. But none of this can happen without setting down a firm foundation – data warehousing and management that can help you make the most of your data.

The importance of a data foundation when going digital

Without access to the right information, you will not have accurate, actionable insight – no matter how advanced the digital platform. It must be connected across all business areas and align teams and stakeholders to pursue meaningful answers.

Take CenterPoint Energy, for example. Like many other electric and natural gas utility companies, it implemented smart meters across its 3.2 million customers across six states. After several years of collecting data from these devices, CenterPoint realized that its database housed untapped opportunities and value. But first, the company needed to establish a digital core that could replatform, simplify, and support its overall analytics capabilities, including real-time data monitoring, storage, tiering, and analysis as well as open collaboration and quick, accurate, and actionable decision making. By combining the SAP MaxAttention offering with the SAP HANA platform, SAP HANA Vora software, Hadoop data, and other applications, the company was able to unravel its data challenges and tackle volumes upon volumes of information to gain real-time insights that are raising the bar on customer experiences.

SAPPHIRE NOW: Is a firm data foundation your key to digital transformation?

Does CenterPoint’s story remind you of something you wish your business could do but have yet to figure out? If so, you can’t afford to miss this session at this year’s SAPPHIRE NOW:

And who knows, maybe you’ll find that “ah-ha” moment that brings you a 25-50% reduction in data storage costs and an analytics foundation that allows your business to digitally disrupt the industry – just like CenterPoint Energy.

Ready to fully realize the power of analytics in your digital transformation? Join us at SAPPHIRE NOW to learn how.

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