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Can you give me a short introduction of yourself?

My name is Arndt Sieburg and I’m SAP Solution Architect and Project Manager at SolunITy. My focus areas are SAP BW, Business Intelligence in general and SAP HANA. I love mountains, hiking in summer and skiing in winter.

Why you are here?

I want to learn and try out something new, especially at the Learn, Play & Hack day. In addition, I attend to network with others and to share knowledge and experiences.

What presentation/track was the most impressive/interesting for you? What sort of presentations/tracks you have followed until now?

The learn, play and hack day on Friday was a great challenge to get something new to run. I also liked the geospatial modeling in HANA, the different analytic options in SAP Business Suite and S/4HANA and the business sketching session.

What is your opinion about the IoT sessions and what was your developing task?

Our team had the challenge to use FitBit heart beat sensor data in order to control a drone. My task was to develop the communication for the drone. Finally we could use only SMS to send data to the drone and we got a working prototype with an Android smartphone.

How did you learn about the SAP Community and what made you want to join?

I heard about SAP Inside Track from the SAP Stammtisch in Munich several years ago and I attended a SIT event in Hamburg too. The event concept is great for networking, knowledge sharing and learning something new beyond my current scope of work.

Have you experienced the Community helping you to drive/to support some of your topics?

The community network motivated me to dig into new areas like SAP HANA Development. I expect more a long-term benefit from participating, an immediate business benefit is not important.

Finally, any advice for us?

  • The new community platform makes it difficult to find content.

  • I love the concept of combining a hands-on day with the networking event and I will definitely attend several SITs per year.