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I first noticed Brendan's unique point of view and ideas in his blog "Time to take SCN to the NEXT Level and Beyond...". I choose Brendan as the first interviewee in my Wiki Space Councils- Collaborative Creativity Brings Change because I wished to acknowledge his great contribution to the "Wiki Space Council" concept. Throughout the process he showed great creativity and diligence.

Read all about Brendan's beliefs, motivation, benefits and future plans for the "ERP Financials" space in the interview below.




Brendan O'Brien first steps in the computer world were at an early age. He started his own web design company while still in school. From there he began his Degreein Information Technology to further his knowledge in computing. After receiving top honors in his second year, he was headhunted for a Senior Development role in a Software Design Company that specialized in developingERP Software for SME Companies. Today, Brendan works for the SAP Global Support in Dublin, Ireland as a CO Support Consultant. He has progressed to expert level in this area and is now a Senior Support Consultant and SAP TOP TALENT.


When was your space created?

The original creation of the ERP Financials Space was around November 2006.

Why was it created?

To assist the multitude of SAP Customers, Experts, Consultants, Third Parties, Employees and Enthusiasts with a place dedicated to ERP Financials (FI/CO) where an encyclopedia of related information could be uploaded, shared and updated.

What can be found in your space?

The knowledge in ERP Financials Space is relevant to all issues and solutions that fall under the ERP Financials. Whether you are seeking information on


  • Financial Accounting,
  • Financial Supply Chain Management
  • Controlling
  • Consolidations
  • Treasury and Corporate Finance Management
  • Real Estate Management
  • Reporting
  • FICO Tools & Accelerators
  • Period End Closing
  • FICO Resources
  • Localization

How would you describe the activity of the "ERP Financials" space council?

Our council comprised of Nathan Genez, Mark Chalfen and I (Brendan O'Brien) with the oversight of Moshe Naveh to help us coordinate big decisions within our space. Whether it was to discuss new structures, look and feel, spaces, contribution initiatives etc the discussions greatly helped to combine our knowledge and brainstorm.

It's also important to acknowledge the great efforts made by Vanessa Barth and Wilian Segatto .They were mainly responsible of bringing together the forums and WIKI as one solution. I would also like to mention the great content contribution made by the Ireland and Brazil FI/CO teams.

What do you do as wiki moderator?

 Monitoring content, assigning points, maintaining structures, assisting with moderator requests (new content/ complaints), and most importantly motivating participation in the space and upload of new relevant and much needed content.

How would you describe the activity of the "ERP Financials" Space Council?

Our council comprised of Nathan Genez, Mark Chalfen and I (Brendan O'Brien) with the oversight of Moshe Naveh to help us coordinate big decisions within our space. Whether it was to discuss new structures, look and feel, spaces, contribution initiatives etc the discussions greatly helped to combine our knowledge and brainstorm. Vanessa Barth and Wilian Segatto. They were the driving force behind theconcept to bring together forums and WIKI as one solution. Vanessa Barth completelydefined the process for contributors and motivated the FICO Team Brazil andWilian Segatto drove the training and liaise with other stakeholders. Also theFICO Teams Ireland and Brazil helped make all this possible by pushingthemselves beyond through their contributions and efforts.

Why are you doing it? what do you enjoy the most?

 The feeling you are helping others and collaborating on a global scale. In relation to WIKI what I find is the opportunity to provide a huge wealth of knowledge to the global community, but not only this, the opportunity also lies in collaboration, but not only people but the other many resources available to users of the SCN Community. My motivation is that I want to see the SCN Community come alive and that all resources are used to the maximum but together to complement each other.


What do you think of the new wiki

 The new changes to the WIKI are exciting and perfect timing. The new look of functionalities from tabs to drop down menus is much better, efficient and easier to use. The increased ease of using the most needed macros is also a very welcome functionality.

What are your future plans for your space?

My future plans for this space is to continue to simplify the structure, making information as easily accessible as possible. To continue to motivate contributions on a global scale and rewarding such contributions in a timely fashion..

Do you want other people to help you ?

Simple answer is yes, I want the whole community to contribute, update, basically get active (or more active), open discussions of what your most passionate about or join such discussions.


Got any special ideas on how to improve the wiki?

Yes but the following are tested and proved to work and thus the reason I would like to see them implemented across all WIKI spaces:


  • 1. One common structure: Modeled against SAP Software Menu (where applicable)
  • 2. One common look: The design should be uplifting, inviting and easy on the eye. I like the new look of the ERP Financials and think it would be welcome in any other space.
  • 3. Collaboration: More collaboration and meetings between moderators of a space would greatly help share the load and combine strengths.
  • 4. Link them all: Ensure your space has a visible link to your related forum(s) to make it easier to find. This also serves to provide more information for what is needed in the WIKI space.
  • 5. Advertise: Write a blog to announce your new space, get people involved by reaching out to those active in your community. Seek advice from mentors or other moderators.

What are the wiki's strength points ?

I believe the WIKI is the most powerful resource on the SCN community but has been overlooked by most. In the forums, although one of the most active parts of the community does not solve a big problem, ‘the repetitive question'. This is where user 1 asks a question then a week or month later user 2 asks the same question and so on and so on. The forums should be used as information feeders for the WIKI. This will make WIKI the first point of contact for information

What is your favorite Wiki Macro?

My favorite Macro so far is ‘Page Tree' this is really helpful in creating dynamic menus and to ease navigation, I cannot wait to see how much I can do with all these new macros and they are so easy to implement, just the click of a button. But this ‘Page Tree' for now will be fun to explore and push to the limit.

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