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Introduction to Fiori MyInbox

My Inbox Fiori app is a single go to Inbox for dealing with SAP and non-SAP workflows in an enterprise. It follows Fiori design language for user experience. With My Inbox you can,

1.Make decisions using mobile or desktop devices anywhere and anytime.

2.You can process your standard and custom workflow tasks from multiple sources.

3.You can collaborate in a mini forum for each task, share documents through tasks, share tasks by email, JAM and by explicit forwarding.

4.You can execute tasks in mass.

5.You can manage substitutes.

My Inbox app consists of front-end component for the user interfaces, Task Gateway for OData services. You can use the app with any SAP or non-SAP back-end component that contains tasks/workflows. SAP delivers connectivity to SAP Business Workflow and SAP NetWeaver BPM out of the box, for others custom task providers need to be built. When users are dealing with workflows they need to access information and/or edit/enter data to execute any workflow. Although My Inbox provides workflow contextual data and actions to execute workflow, there are use cases where a user needs tailor made user interface to deal with a workflow. In such cases users would like to access applications associated with workflow from My Inbox. These applications could vary from being legacy to state of the art Fiori application (SAP shipped or custom built)

Integration options My Inbox provides following integration options

1.Open any application in a new browser tab/window.

2.Embed any SAP Fiori UI5 application within My Inbox as a default detail screen

3.Embed any SAP Fiori UI5 application within My Inbox as a navigation link for user to access when he needs to.

4.Extend My Inbox using extension points/hooks provided by My Inbox

Work items appearing in your sap inbox (with more than one scenarios configured ) should ideally appear in your My Inbox applications as well . So there are 2 major features as we see,

1. You can configure All Items Tile

2. You can configure Scenario Specific Tile.

1. All Items : Pre configured tile allows users to process all tasks configured in the backend system.

2. Scenario Specific configuration : Allows users to configure scenario specific tasks, custom workflows, Custom use cases or any other approval use case for which we don't have a standard app.

Key Features :    

Process tasks from your SAP Business Workflow, SAP Business Process Management (BPM), and 3rd party providers : Planned for Connector from SAP HANA as well

You can define the decision options you want to display (for example, approve or reject). : Define Custom decision options

You can perform the standard actions (for example, claim, release, or forward a request).These actions are available by default; no customizing is needed in the back-end system. : User can reserve the task or release or forward to some other user.

You can perform mass actions, that is, process several tasks of the same type at the same time. Decisions on more than one task is now possible at once where the decision options are same.

Integration with Solution Manager

So far we have seen the features and functionalities of My Inbox. But main purpose of this blog is to share that Solution Manager can be integrated with My Inbox. This is mainly done for Change Management and Incident Manager approval request. We can also include business workflows with in the Solution Manager.

Let's take a look at the architecture of this intergration. Here Solution Manager acts as the 3rd party workflow engines. It can connected to the provider through RFC Function Modules, Webservice or OData Services.

The best advantage of this integration is that duplication of workflows and approval procedure can be avoided. This way we can have a common Inbox with items to be approved by the user.