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The search functionality of SAP Community Network (SCN) is a valuable tool which I would suggest being the first step to help you solve issues that you are running into. Not only does it search the SCN items like Blogs, Wikis, forums and code samples but it also searches our Knowledge Base articles (formerly known as notes). I use it myself in helping solve cases all the time.

I happen to be a fan of the Opera web browser and one day I stumbled into a feature it had built in, for many versions, that I had not known about: the ability to add a custom search engine. The first custom search I added was the SCN. It was great, I could now do a quick search of the SCN right away with out having to navigate there first. So with a little investigation I found that other browsers could do this too. Below are how you can add the SCN search as a custom search inside Opera, Internet Explorer, FireFox, Chrome and Safari. I hope you find this useful, happy searching!


1 - Right-click the search box in the top-right of SCN and select Create Search.
2 - Add a keyword to let Opera know that you are wanting to search the SCN, if SCN is not default. I use the letter 's'.
3 - Click OK
4 - Now in the search bar or address bar you can type s and your search term to search the SCN or select the SCN from the drop-down

Internet Explorer:

1 - In the IE search box click the pull-down arrow and select "Find More Providers"
2 - At the bottom of the page select "Create your own Search Provider
3 - Follow the instructions on this page, currently the URL to use is:
4 - Click the Install Search Provider button, IE differs from Opera in that you have to select the SCN from the dropdown specifically to do the search instead of being able to use a shortcut.


I used Firefox 3.6 and it seems to be a little more difficult then IE or Opera has made it. The easiest way is to download an add-on, restart Firefox and use the add-on. There is a great wikihow article on how to do this:'s-Search-Bar-(Windows-Version)

1 - Click the wrench icon  on the browser toolbar.
2 - Select Options.
3 - Click the Basics tab.
4 - Click Manage in the "Default search" section.
5 - Click Add and enter the following information:
Name: SAP Community Network
Keyword: s

Note: Like Opera you can just enter s then your search terms to shortcut your search of the SCN.


I am not a Safari user, nor a Mac user and I could not find an easy way to do this, however this doesn't mean it isn't possible. Searching the web seems to point to having to do an install of some sort of add-on. As I am not comfortable with this browser I do not want to point you in the wrong direction. So any Safari users out there that may read this and has the answer please reply!