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Research indicates that several companies experience what can be called a ‘leads gap'... that 70-80% of leads are lost between marketing and sales.

So, better integrating and aligning Marketing and Sales efforts could have a great impact on your business...  In addition, considering the amount of effort put into lead generation, it's important to fully exploit the potential of your leads, especially in current economic times.

In my new video Integrating Marketing & Sales Efforts, I give an overview of how SAP CRM Marketing can help better coordinate lead qualification and lead distribution to the proper follow-up channels to help close this gap.

Once marketing and sales have a common understanding and have agreed upon what are 'hot, warm or cold' leads and what should be the follow-up on each of those lead types -- the system can then help implement and automate the agreed upon strategy.

In summary, SAP CRM Marketing helps to:

  • follow up on the right leads at the right time by giving upfront visibility on lead readiness for conversion
  • align the strategy and responsibility for follow-up between sales and marketing
  • keep all data into one system for a 360 degree view throughout the company.