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In Insomnia @ SAP InnoJam 2011 Netherlands: Part 1 of 3 I've explained how we started the SAP InnoJam 2011 in the Netherlands. This blog will be about the event dynamics and the final presentations during the event.

Once the teams where complete the "real work" started. Each team was given one or two SAP Laptops with all kind of SAP software like an SAP Java and ABAP stack, BobJ tools and an SUP server.

The participants had a lot of fun and learned a lot during this event. Unfortunately we've faced a down-time on the River platform of aprox. 1.5 hours at the second day of the event, but one of our colleagues in Palo Alto, Ghiora Drori, fixed the issue at 3am his time (thanks Ghiora!).

Most of the participants really worked through the night until the next day where I had to give up at to 2am. Back in the office at 7:30am I saw some participants sleeping and others still working on their code. At the end out of the 5 teams 4 were able to demonstrate running code to the jury members Rob van der Marck, Marc Raben, Juergen Schmerder). So it was a real "insomnia event" this time.

The jury had a hard time in finding out the best of the prototypes. The prototypes used "River", SUP, Twitter integration and other technologies. Each jury member was allowed to give each of the teams a rating from 1 to 10 and at the end this was the final result:

  • Number 1 (29 points): Business case 5: Hoogvliegers
  • Number 2 (25 points): Business case 2: Stichting IDO
  • Number 3 (24 points): Business case 1: WWF
  • Number 4 (22 points): Business case 3: Kidscamp Romania
  • Number 5 (19 points): Business case 4: Meet the expert

During the announcement of the winners I falsely mixed-up place 2 and 3. I must have been really tired, too. But the participants felt ok with that and didn't even mention to me that I mixed them up. I just found out today when I got back to a participant (Martijn de Jong from Chilli Apps) who made me aware of this. So my apologies to the participants for this glitch.

Those of you who are interested in the final presentations and the jury feedback can look into these videos that I've uploaded to Youtube. Hope you like them.

Business case 1: WWF (Camera trap conservation)

Business case 2: Stichting IDO (client relationship management)

Business case 3: Kidscamp Romania

Business case 4: Meet the expert

Business case 5: Hoogvliegers

So now you have the final presentations and the results of the SAP InnoJam in the Netherlands. In the third blog post of this series I'll wrap up the event from my point of view and will give you some "candies" like photos and additional videos.

Stay tuned.

Rui Nogueira

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