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Product and Topic Expert
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Ok. I'm still tired and I think all participants of the SAP InnoJam 2011 in the Netherlands currently feel this way. But nevertheless I feel that this was an amazing, exciting and astonishing event.

When I started writing this blog I just wanted to share the videos quickly with everyone interested. But I kept on writing and writing and, with a hint from my still-colleague Craig Cmehil that with this beautiful wheater here in Germany (and probably also in the Netherlands), only very few would take the time to read through it. So therefore I've split-up my summary of the event into three parts.

In this part I'll talk about how this event emerged. In the blog after it, I'll share with you all the details of the final presentations. The last blog will wrap-up the whole event and will contain some pictures that have been taken during the event.

So let's start with the beginning 🙂

After the last My keynote at the VNSG "Developer Day" Robert Eijpe (NL For Business) came up with the idea setting up an SAP InnoJam in the Netherlands. After receiving the commitment of some people in the Dutch SAP user group to provide good business cases we ended up setting the date for the event for June 24-25 that we co-organized with the VNSG, the Dutch User Group. Special thanks here to Mientje Paais, Hans de Labije and Rob van der Marck for all the hard preparation work and thanks to Mark Raben for providing some of the rooms in the SAP office in s'Hertogenbosch for the event!

At the beginning of the event we've had Marc Raben doing the keynote on a digital whiteboard with his iPad showing us two nice videos on how innovation is done in other industries (watch the innovation 1 and innovation 2 video from Heineken 😉 ).

This was followed by the "Tech Fire" section of the event with presentations around the SAP software SAP NetWeaver Gateway (by Chris Whealy and Andre Fischer, the project "River" (by Juergen Schmerder) and a presentation about the Sybase Unwired Platform (by Martijn Tielen).

After that we got a presentation on each of the 8 proposed business cases, the "Biz Fire". This is the list of business cases we've had at the beginning:

Each of them was presented to the other participants.

Out of these at the end we've had 5 teams that started building a prototype around 4 of the presented business cases. You might say now, hold-on: 5 teams for 4 business cases? You are right, but while the teams where setting-up themselves I saw two participants who where undecided. I've asked them if I could help them with their decision. They where not sure, but told me that they'd love to work on their own business case. They wanted to work on an app for a charity organization (The "Hoogvliegers") allowing children with cancer to get a wonderful day in their life by flying together with pilots in their private airplanes. I said "Go ahead, try to get some others to help you doing it!".

So at the end we've had these 5 teams:

  • Business case 1: WWF (Camera trap conservation)
  • Business case 2: Stichting IDO (client relationship management)
  • Business case 3: Kidscamp Romania
  • Business case 4: Meet the expert
  • Business case 5: Hoogvliegers

In my next blog I'll provide you with the details around the 24 hour coding and the final presentations for the SAP InnoJam 2011 in the Netherlands. In that blog you'll also find out why I called this blog "Insomnia @ SAP InnoJam" :-).