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Recently I took the Coursera course on public speaking by Dr. Matt McGarrity of University of Washington. You can take it here!

Here are some insights I gleaned from his course and my own personal experience:

  1. Start strong!
    • Statistics, anecdotes, graphics, etc.
  2. Know your audience!
    • What’s their knowledge/skill level? What are their interests?
  3. Know your subject – the audience can easily detect your passion and knowledge on the subject matter so show off your credibility J
  4. Anticipate possible questions.
  5. Practice Practice Practice!           
    • If you’re following a manuscript, rehearse with a video camera and a timer. If your speech is meant to be casual, take opportunities to speak often!
    • Don’t restart!
      • You don’t have the luxury to restart in real life
    • Replicate your mobility as much as u can.
      • Moving as you would in front of a live audience
      • Speak at volume
      • Practice under contest condition
  6. Benefit the audience instead of “selling”.
    • The audience don’t care about your KPIs – how can you help meet THEIR KPIs?
  7. Humanize your story!
    • Pull on your audience’s heartstrings OR tell a funny story
  8. Keep your visuals simple and snackable.
    • Consider infographics
  9. Be interactive: ask questions!
  10. Repeat the audience’s questions.           
    • To confirm you’ve understood the questions
  11. Respect your audience’s time e.g. if you have an hour – end 5 minutes early.
  12. Have an action item for the audience – be specific!
  13. Summarize main points and if possible send it in an e-mail!

Do you have any more tips? Leave a comment below!