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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

With more than 350 single services as part of the entire offering, SAP Enterprise Support is the most advanced support offering available in the market helping you to implement, operate, and innovate better and finally to help you run your business like never before. Through the SAP Enterprise Support Advisory Council we work closely together with selected customers to further develop the offering. As part of one of the development initiatives, we recently launched the SAP Enterprise Support value maps, a new and innovative approach to navigate through the SAP Enterprise Support offering.

Among others the SAP Enterprise Support offering comprises of many services, such as to implement SAP Solution Manager for best leveraging the tools and functions delivered. And how do the value maps help here? They make it easy for you to identify the right services at the right time.

Similar to a vehicle navigation system, the task for value maps is to discover the best route and put into place information on the steps needed to achieve subsequent milestones and ultimately arrive at the final destination. Your journey is supported with services, tools and methods from SAP Enterprise Support offerings. The goal of the value maps is to provide you with the exact information needed to have impact and empower you to make educated decisions for further efforts or investments necessary.

What's new and innovative?

  • The value maps are structured by customer pain points, grouping services out of the SAP Enterprise Support offering and bring them into an order to make it easy for you to follow this path.
  • To make it even more convenient for customers the value maps for topic ‘Security’ and ‘Data Volume Management’ are connected to exclusive communities (SAP JAM) in which customers can ask questions and have open discussions which will be moderated by SAP support engineers. This is planned for all upcoming value maps.
  • Additional (12) value maps addressing IT challenges to implement better, operate better and innovate faster are available via an Enterprise Support Advisory contact.
  • The value maps have already received very positive feedback from customers around the globe. Collaboration in SAP JAM proves to be appreciated and is gaining quick adoption.

Please note: There are some web sessions coming up, helping you to understand how to leverage SAP Enterprise Support Value Maps

Session 1: APJ & EMEA: March 11, 2014 at 9:00 am CET - get registered >here<

Session 2: AMERICAS & EMEA: March 13, 2014 at 5:30 pm CET - get registered >here<


For more information, please check or directly Watch the video: SAP Enterprise Support value maps. 

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