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If anyone asks me what have you done differently in 2009, then I would say, I was/am 
an active member of SDN.
I would like to narrate my experience more in the form of answers to the questions.
* How did you start?
* Did the points / the SCN recognition program motivate you to contribute to SCN 
and the community? What else motivates you? What did you get back beyond points? 
- I started contributing to SDN forums in August 2009, by answering queries. When I 
got my first reward point for one of my answer’s, I was thrilled!!!! 
The ’Reward Points system’ encouraged me to participate more actively in forums.
What was the biggest benefit? Enhancing my knowledge. Now looking at SDN forums 
is one of my daily routines.
* Did you collaborate with other members from the community? With whom? 
Via what service?
- I have collaborated with different members mainly via SDN forums. From Aug 09 
till date I have posted more than 100 answers in SDN forums. Being a CRM 
functional consultant I learnt lot about CRM via SDN.  
* How long did it take? How often did you try? What did help you? Or what did you 
- The time taken for answering queries on SDN forums depended on the topics… 
sometimes I would spend 30 minutes and sometimes a couple of days answering 
queries!!! SDN helped me to increase my CRM product knowledge, immensely. 
Of course when one is answering any query in an open forum like SDN, one will make 
sure that he/she is giving correct information. 
My contributions in SDN helped me, substantiate my CRM product knowledge.
* Any gaps, you identified? What content or topics are missing? What kinds of 
collaboration are you still seeking? Just your topics not being properly addressed?
- New topic: One topic which can be introduced in SDN forums is 
SAP Business Communications Management (BCM) in CRM area. SAP BCM 
is one of the SAP products which can be integrated with CRM application. It will be nice 
to have a different forum for this, than discussing this topic in IC forum.
Open queries: In forums, many queries go unanswered. It would be nice if we ensure 
these open queries are answered. We could probably have something like an 
SDN Forum Answering Day”, when all the top contributors/mentors will come together
 and try to answer as many as the open queries possible.
Collaboration feature: If a user has SDN members as his/her favorite, it will be nice 
to have an online status next to their name. An instant messaging feature will be 
an added advantage.
* Did the distinct audiences / communities help you in finding the information 
you needed, or would you prefer a single audience/community interface?
- The best part of SDN forums is the well defined structure. This helps one to find 
the most relevant forum, and post their queries.  Whenever, I have to search an 
answer for a certain issue, I go to the respective forum and I search for the 
relevant posts. Thanks to such a structured community set up, I have got answers 
to most of my questions without having to post the query.
* What are your projects in 2010? What would be the right peer / consultant from 
the community to help you with this? Is your next project going to require different 
- BCM 6.0, new forum for BCM might be more helpful.
In 2009, I started with being active contributor in SDN forums. In 2010, I would want to
 extend my contribution to other areas like Wiki, Blog and Articles etc.
Industry is moving towards a close knit collaborative mode and the content is gaining 
more importance day by day. Keeping this in mind, I am sure SDN will become more 
important to all people in SAP world.
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